Would you manage to be healthy?

Have you ever wonder how would your life be if you changed your diet and start more fit lifestyle?

I must confess I always wanted to have one of those fit and athletic bodies, but I never actually really work for it. I was kind of skinny during my 20s. Until I got into my late 20s. It was then that I understood those comments from my older aunties “Have chocolate and coca-cola while you can”.

I just thought that I would neve have any problems with weight and that I could eat whatever I want. 
Yeah, right. Keep dreaming.

One day the ‘bill’ arrived. I slowly gain weight … bit by bit I saw that I had to do something. 
Not that I don’t like exercise and stuff. I just don’t like it in regular basis.
And not that I can’t commit to a healthier diet, I just happen to have different menu desires within the week.
And nevertheless I have no discipline AT-ALL.

But here I am, one year after changing my lifestyle upside down, today I caught myself cooking green beans for my side dish for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner. Not to mention that yesterday I ran in the morning, then I ride and went to the gym for a weight training.

If you are reading this and wondering if I look like one of those 6pack abdomen women in their 30s… my answer to you is: I WISH!

Ins’t that easy, and I did scape from exercise and diet several times (remember I am not too disciplined.) But I keep trying and I do intend to get into a better shape.

You have to set a goal for you to drive yourself to. doesn’t matter what that is: a small size pants, a picture of a healthy/fit actress or that dress that you just wish you could fir in again.

My advice to anyone that is struggling is to get a good MOTIVATION. 

For me I had a personal trainer that made my life hell and to support that my husband incorporated a military field and put me into a soldier training. He would never let me skip anything at all. And if I manage to do it (which I did) he would make me feel miserable.

Just keep the faith, and keep working out you will get into a routine that you will incorporate this new lifestyle and the results will come. Amem.

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