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Why is life harder during winter training?

winter trainingWhy training life is harder during winter?

If you are an active person you might agree that winter training life is harder during winter. Training outside or even inside during the coldest season of the year might me challenging, boring and hard. During winter our body need more attention and we would need to consider:

#Muscles are forced to work harder in winter;

The body’s reaction to cold weather is vasoconstriction, a tightening of the blood vessels. This draws blood and heat away from the extremities to protect the core.  This can aggravate hypertension or other cardiovascular problems. The Texas Heart Institute warns that people without proper conditioning may be at added risk of heart attack when attempting anything laborious in chilly weather, even shoveling snow.

Despite that warning, the Texas Heart Institute considers cold-weather exercise beneficial because it helps with mood, improves immune system health and increases energy levels.

#Winter can cause pain

Yes, you could feel more pain in your joints and muscles during winter, to avoid any complications you may keep training during winter if you add a few tricks:

  • Keep bundled up so that your muscles and nerves stay warm. This can help the muscles not contract as much around your nerve endings, thus minimizing the pain you feel.
  • Make sure you stretch in the morning and evening. This can help keep you stay limber and not tense up.
  • Make sure you exercise regularly, preferably inside. It is important to stay active to avoid your joints from getting stagnant. When you don’t move your muscles or joints regularly they will stiffen and make it more painful when you do move them.
  • Swimming in a heated pool can help alleviate back and joint pain.

#Warming up effectively during winter

Thanks to the effects of colder temps, muscles are forced to work much harder to complete the same tasks they complete easily in milder weather. This causes more damage to the muscle tissue and can result in increased soreness. To counteract the damage, be sure to warm up for a little longer than usual.

If you don’t already warm up before your working out session, winter training is definitely the time to start doing it. 10 minutes warm up should be enough for you to get your body muscles a good wake up call. Ensure that you are warming the muscles that you will use during your training.

Enjoying the good side of training during winter

Focusing now on what could motivate your during the winter training all that hard work during cold and wet days must pay off, right?

winter trainingThe best motivation that you could have is to always keep in mind that those amazing summer bodies are built during winter, to get start with keep in mind that no one can arrive in summer with an amazing body without a lot of hard work. Maintaining the training routine and nutrition is essential to secure your success.

Try finding additional motivation for your winter training workouts, maybe a new workout look might encourage you to go? All the accessories to your cold session could enthusiast you?

I like not to have all I ‘need’ so I can get myself new gear or new clothes, it’s all about the mental game that will keep you going during your winter training.

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