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What is your lifestyle soundtrack?

What is your lifestyle soundtrack?

It’s funny how your musical taste changes along with your personal inner journeys, I listen to different music throughout different periods of my life. Some of them are consistent and we can say that those would reflect my actually personal taste for music, but other are a reflect of the lifestyle that I am/was having at that stage of my life.

As an Italian I grew up listening to heaps of Italian music and will always have that heritage with me, but I can say that my lifestyle reflects on my music. During my young adulthood, I have listened to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Metalica, ACDC, Live.. and things like that.

I can tell that since I had a changeover in my life from a workaholic to a more laidback and calm lifestyle I’ve been listening to more tranquil pieces of music, it just feels that it merges with the mood and the set of the moment.

lifestyleFunny fact is that I have always condemned a few music styles, such as blues and more relaxing beach singers like John Mayers. I feel that once you change how you see your life and how you life, having an entirely new lifestyle you start seeing elements of your life differently.

The best example of that is that since I’ve started on Yoga I have been paying attention to yoga’s soundtrack, not to say that I have been listening to yoga’s soundtrack during work. (I know does make much sense, right?)

Well, actually it calms my mind and get me into a more relaxed and balanced mood, with connects to how I want to feel.

I would strongly suggest to take your music taste or even try up different kinds of music that would get you into a new mood, a more relaxed zone. And that can be your own unique thing, it could be loud and noise music, if that is what gets you to calm and relax, so be it. The music it’s a key element during your process of migrating into a more laidback lifestyle, you have to consider that you may change/add a few things that surrounds you. I am not saying to stop listening to the music you like (I still listen to my Italian stuff), all I am saying is to start considering songs and music that may help you get into a new place, that may bring peace and balance to your life.

Embrace your new lifestyle, choose to live your live and not to work for a living.

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