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Truth about japanese healthy meals

Have you ever wonder if what sounds & look healhty REALLY IS?

Since transitioning from a not-so-healthy eating lifestyle to a healthier one, I’ve discovered new delicious and healthy meals, food and ingredients. More so on the Asian cuisine than any other.

I’ve always been a Japanese food lover, without a question Japanese cuisine has been my number #1 choice of meal. But I was more on the deep fried, added cream cheese or mayo crew than anything.

healthy eatingOne of my absolute favorite was/is Salmon Temaki.

Which is a seaweed cone with sashimi salmon, cream cheese or mayo and chives, filled with rice.

There are variations with crumbed seaweed and cream cheese, which is AMAZING, I would have that with sweet soy sauce.

This used to be one o my weekly dinners. After a more careful consideration with a healthier eating lifestyle I’ve taken a more conscious decision in regards to what I eat and how often I would have it.

Temaki isn’t the worse choice of meal you could have, but I come from how much of nutritional food your are really have on each meal.

The beauty of Asian food is the good balance that it has, most of Asian meals have a good balance of protein, vegetables, grains and fruit. Another element of healthy eating when it comes to Asian traditions is the portion of food, small plates and tea are a smart healthy choice. The tricky side of eating Japanese food would be the amount of rice that might add up by the end of the meal, and once it adds up the amount of carbohydrate consumed in a single meal is extremely high.

Is all Japanese food Healthy ?

healthy eatingNot really. One of the most traditional dishes is not that great for you. Meet: Beef Sukiaky. Personally I love this dish, lovely meal for a cold night.
Beef, vegetables, mushroom, tofu and noodles. All of that with white rice.

At first it may look healthy, but a single serving of sukiyaki contains a staggering 880 calories, and is packed full of carbs and sodium. Most of the bad stuff comes from the sugar-loaded broth, which maybe why is so delicious.

Tempura <3

Fried vegetables or prawns, not so hard to guess that eating fried food aren’t good for you. I love zucchini tempura, not sure what is the thing, but it just simply fascinates me.

Is hard to believe that vegetable tempura isn’t good for you, but don’t let it full you. It’s fried food!

Not all is bad,  saved by the soup: Miso.

Miso soup is served along with almost all dished in any Japanese restaurant, according to the healthy experts Miso Soup have several health benefits:
• Relieving fatigue
• Regulating digestive and intestinal functions
• Protecting against gastric ulcers
• Decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure levels
• Preventing inflammation
• Lowering risk for diseases associated with lifestyle factors, like cancers and heart disease

Healthy eating is about the choices you make.

Having more conscious about the options that you have in the same restaurant is a great eye opener. Trying to see what else is available for dinner might surprise you.
It’s hard to go all the way to your favorite restaurant and pick a different dish, but once you start trying new flavors, you might have new favorites. It’s all about the choices you made, having the right mindset of choosing what is more nutritious for you will pay of.

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  1. Dee

    I have always liked some Japanese food. but have always been wary of eating all that rice! Small portions is the way to get around it and I don’t like Asian style desserts, so that helps too!

  2. Elissa

    So sad about Japanese food!!! 😲

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