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The Theory of everything

An Inspirational Film:
The Theory of Everything

I personally like films that grab your attention into a new level, when it gets personal. Especially true stories, this film is great for that matter, it makes you reflect on so many things on so many levels. Is inspirational, motivational in a way that you would never expect it to be. 

I usually try not to read about a movie before watching it, just to keep it more exciting once I finally have the chance to watch it. Today, on a bored Saturday afternoon we have decided to watch “The Theory of everything”. Superb!

Can’t put into words what really fascinates me so much about it, if it was the physics, the brightness or the study of a theory, but for me it just seduced me in a way that I feel dragged into it. In life these days we really don’t take the time to reflect on different aspects of live or how others actually live it.

This movie brought me to senses into that particular matter, how we live our lives. You know?  We are all having our busy lives and don’t take the time to appreciate what life has to offer. It’s important to take the time to take a step back and analyze from another perspective, you get to reflect on what you have on your life and think about the appreciation that you should have for it.

What sort of lifestyle are you living and where would that take you to?

The Story

It’s a very romantic movie, having the family in the center of the story for most of the time and then all the effects that take place in the story. It’s amazing to imagine what you can achieve. This film is a very inspirational story where clearly the sickness of a man doesn’t stop him from getting on with his life, from living the best that he could have and from progressing with this physics passion.

This for me is fantastic, this story for me is a lesson of life and how we could learn from this it. It shows in a background how life challenged this man and him day after day fought his personal battles and made it to where he wanted to be. Maybe through a different path, but still made it.

I just want to congratulate Stephen for a beautiful live story, for never given up. You are an inspiration.

I feel that it’s because people like you that we look for our true passion. The passion that you had for your studies and your wisdom is a motivation to all of us, to keep our search for answers or for the ‘right’ questions. Thanks Stephen.

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