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What to expect on your 1st Sprint Triathlon


Sprint Triathlon: The Race
swim 750m, bike 20k & run 5km

I wish I could ask some of the Ironman athletes how was their 1st triathlon experience was because honestly I would like to feel that I am achieving something.

Quick review, I’ve been into my sporty lifestyle for about 2.3 years now. And 4 months training Triathlon seriously – by my conception of ‘seriously training’.

Considering that this is my longest race so far and that I was feeling very confident on my training, I have to confess that I had high hopes. That until the week before the race.

First Impressions

It was a gigantic event, OMG I have never seen so many people in one place ready to start a triathlon race. I would guess there were about 1500 people there… and on the top of that is was a ‘women’s only triathlon’ – which I thought would narrow the number of participants… But I didn’t count on having so many women interested in triathlon. Wich is fantastic, but I was having a small tiny minor panic attack of competing with all those people.

1st stage: 750m Swim.

It was a beautiful day and the sea was flat, perfect conditions for a swimming race, right? Correct. I suppose the other ladies were pretty happy with that, I was just too busy freaking out with the amount of people on the beach. There were many waves, first the mini triathlon 2 waves went into the water and then 2 waves of my sprint triathlon. I was at the 3rd wave.

In my mind, that wasn’t a good wave as I was already back at the end of the tale.lol. Anyway…. Once into the water it was war! Kicks and punches all over, God there was so many women on that narrow imaginary ocean hall that we had to swim.

I couldn’t swim, not a chance. I swear I’ve tried. Just didn’t happen. I’ve paddled and swam breaststroke in a desperate move to try to make it into the end of the race. My goggles got totally smoky and I couldn’t see a thing! I had a choice of giving it a shot on cleaning it and loose more time or just keep going looking at the tiny spot that I had the view on. I chose to move.

Yes, I arrived on shore! GOD, I felt like kissing sand! The only soundtrack to go with my level of speed: Patience. lol

I was totally exhausted. I was heavily breathing and dizzy. In case you are wondering, I WAS WALKING. Nope, no running into transition after that almost-drowning-swim.

1 st Transition:

The good news was that I recognized where my bike was, the bad news was that my stuff was all over the place. All the preparation that I have done before the race, leaving things ready for me was in vain. If looked like a hurricane had passed over my towel & gear. Lost 3 F*&*ˆ*&% minutes looking for my things.

2nd stage: 20k ride

This was actually the easiest stage of the race for me. There were hills that I knew about and I felt good on the bike. The first lap I was still tired so couldn’t really make too much effort, but recovered on the other 2 laps. What really surprised me was the speed of the ladies: an average of 30km/h. I had never done that speed on my training EVER. I was able to do 26km/h on downhill but still feeling like I was close… until I realize the majority of the ladies were a lap or two in front of me.

2nd transition

This one was easy, I was riding with my trainers so nothing much to do here. Just taking the helmet of and off you go.

sprint triathlon run3rd stage: 5km run

Run. That was what I was supposed to do. But I couldn’t. I was out of energy. Instead, I had dragged myself in an embarrassing walk-jogging dance until the end of the race. I saw the other participants pass by and I just thought: I can’t be the last one again! No! Noooo… #lastonetrauma.

Anyway, I’ve managed not to be the last one. Finished the race on 1:52.

Overall position: #256. Age Group Position: #55


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