Sprint Triathlon: Week before the race

How to prepare for your pre-race week?

Considering that by now the anxiety is kicking in and there all this thing happening on preparation for ‘The Race”, by now all that it could be done, it was done. Right?

Oh well. I wish I had this feeling if I was really looking for results and times, etc. But is not as exciting when is your 1st sprint triathlon (not that I haven’t done one other triathlon race before, LOL) but it’s pretty much the first. Therefore is more about learning, learning how a real triathlon race is and all the craziness involved with it.

For the weeks that predates the weekend’s race, I will have a very light exercise routine. No gym functional for me this week, can’t say I am not feeling ‘on holidays’ mode by the fact that I’ve got 2 off sessions, being no gym on both. Which is kind of sad, considering that a week of the gym will be painful once back in the weights. Lately, I had been working on postural exercises as for my terrible back and I’ve included but exercises too, as a support for the back. Not sure about the other triathletes but I love working arms at the gym and hates working legs, which makes no sense for triathlon.. but that is just me. Leg workouts are not as fun as the arms ones, for me.

I will have my normal double training sessions twice a week this week, including light running and very light swimming. I hope my shin splints don’t decide to show off anytime before the race. As for swimming, I am still struggling with it, I’ve recently asked a friend for assistance on a few training sessions. I just feel that the technique is not quite there yet for me. Neither swimming pool swim or open ocean swim is going so well for me. It just feels that is not clicking.

swimming triathlon

Hard time finding the pace at the pool, too many people of my lane get me distracted, and I don’t know if this is common but water in my ears is just driving me crazy, regardless if it’s in the pool or swimming in the ocean.

Guessing I am too much of a girly girl for triathlon hay?! Well. let’s see how do I cope until my next races.

Stay tuned, March 13th is coming with my own 1st sprint triathlon race. Here I go!


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