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You don’t have to change your life drastically and through all your routine away because you have now decided that you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. Finding a more tranquil lifestyle means different things to different people, is all about finding what works for you. In some cases that might mean having a coffee in the morning with more spear time, where you can be able to relax and enjoy the moment. Simply appreciating the view, or the flavour of that delicious coffee or the company.

relaxed lifestyleThe #1 tip for our to start having that first step into this new atmosphere would be to have a more laid back eye for life.

You don’t want to rush things, you don’t want to stress any action by any means. You can still work and have your routine as is at this stage, all you need is to see it differently. Don’t worry about the importance of secondary achievements, you have to concentrate on you and what is important to you.

Take the time to review how you are on each moment and using that judgement eye, take a step back and reflect if you are really ready for that new task or if you would need to have a few moments to rest, breathe and simply be.

Maybe meditate a little bit, trying to connect with your body and calm it down.


Using your judgement eye to prevent you from stressing out

It’s important to pay attention to your behaviour, your breathing and your body. If you are at the work environment and you start feeling that fro any reason something that happened to you triggered a disturbing feeling that is bringing you discomfort and might lead to stress, later on, you need to pick that up and deal with it in a different perspective.

Maybe try going out of the office for a coffee at the corner of your work, or even having a coffee and going to a breakout area… It’s important that you stop that reaction, take a break and reflect how to process that. Do you really need to react like that to this matter? Will it affect the matter in any way if you don’t act like that immediate solution seeker hero? Will the world end if you don’t attend to it at that very second?

Learn to see things as they are, don’t give them more importance than they really have. If you learn how to see your reaction to an episode that could trigger stress for you and you start working on it, you will get to see that you will become a calmer and calmer person. As you are teaching your body to process things differently.

You are now in a different mindset you are looking for a lifestyle where you live your life, enjoy it with the most plenitude and yes, by the way you work.

There is a nice Buddhist proverb that says: “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”
Maybe we could all reflect on that when that stress anger come upon us next time.

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