Never underestimate your body

Never underestimate your body

It’s amazing how you can build your body structure and fitness, you should never underestimate the power of your body. So you are now working out, jogging, cycling, or practicing yoga… even if you are all over the place, you will get that fantastic feeling that is rocking it.

Or if you already have that satisfaction after seeing that you built into your practice and your body is growing in power. Good on you!

healthy body mindI still amaze myself with what my body is capable of. I am finally getting closer to the ‘fit condition’ that I always wanted to have, one that I could push for a harder workout, or have 1h cardio before the gym weight during the week and still go for a moderate ride during the weekend.

I like my attitude. Always one step ahead. I only wish that my fitness could be at the same pace.

It’s so funny how our micro progress makes us feel that we are already ‘pro’, I feel like I can walk wearing my workout clothes because I earn them now. With my head up high… ‘Yeah, I am a badass fit person’.

Oh well. If only I knew … so one day there I was with all my cycling accessories, every single one of them supposes to make my cycling better, faster and stronger. Because now I am a badass cyclist too! I can do it all. Right???

If it wasn’t for a tiny small detail: my body wasn’t on the same page. The plan was a 30km ride, not the easiest path but good enough if you are an FIT person. I just want to say that in the middle of the first 10km I knew that I was doing it all wrong, I just wasn’t going to make it. My body was too tired from the hell week that I had got myself into. But I went for it. I said to myself that I would!

In the last 10km, I was riding along the cycle path on the beach road… same speed as the 3-year-old kids that were passing me by.But they were killing it. And I was dead. At this point just trying to make it home.
Who ever told you that getting fit and losing weight isn’t easy, wasn’t lying. Let’s keep the faith and the plan, it’s been a year and a half since I started this new capture of my life and slowly I am progressing. As per my ride, I finished. All the 30km of it was a mental battle but I have decided that I would get it done.

Never underestimate your body, if you have a training that it’s planned for your as part of your preparation it’s because a professional thought and calculated that you would be able to do it, don’t surrender to the first obstacle Push yourself. Over and over again.

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