Motherhood is not everyone dream

Motherhood is not everyone dream

So if you are a woman a reached a certain stage in life where you are married (or have a partner) for years now. Has a job and it’s surrounding the 30s you must be familiar with the kids question, right?
I read a lot about women or couples that are looking for a way or alternative to becoming parents etc. Which is fine, if this is something that you would want for your future, I say go for it.

motherhoodOverall do we really need to decide “yes” or “no” to motherhood?

But what about the other side of the conversation, those people that made different choices in life and had or are suffering consequences that will demand more of their youth or professional sacrifices that would put them in a position that they have to commit to other plans in life. Which for them are just as important as any other one. What about them?

I have friends that had made a different choice in life, they have chosen to study for example, they are now studying their master or Ph.D. degree during their 30-something. And they are happy with that option in life, but they still face ‘the kids question’.
I personally have made an option to migrate to an another country, twice. That has always been my dream and my life wish. I never thought about anything else, just moving to a different country.
And the funny thing is that while I am “stuck” in the country that I was raised I just couldn’t see myself planning in the long future. The possibility of growing roots there simply wasn’t going to happen at all. I couldn’t think about buying a property, and that is because I knew I wouldn’t stay there. I simply couldn’t bear the idea of it.
I wonder if women, couples or whoever decides to go on the parenting path could imagine that other’s people’s choice isn’t less or more important than theirs. Is as strong as and as life-changing as their to others.
I just wish that others could see that now that I have finally moved to another country and now that I am accomplishing the daily conquests of my dream all I would wish for is to enjoy it. And that might not include kids, that is just for me.
My point is, if you meet someone that has a different goal/dream in life, respect it and cherish their conquests , everyone is difference each individual has the right to have their own dream full filled without having to explain to others what that is so important to them.
Live your dream, enjoy your life in your own way.

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