How to find your mind energy source?

How to find your mind energy source?

mindset We all need to have our special routine, cult or mantra that fills your body, mind & soul with a new charge of battery. Filling energized and ready for the next battle that might come your way.

I personally have a great connection with the sea, I feel at easy by just looking at the ocean and listening to the orchestra of that magnificent sound of the waves breaking onto the beach. That environment brings me calm, it feels that nothing else matter .. is almost as the world stops for you to appreciate that natural spectacle.

Finding a place or environment that you can really connect with takes time and may even vary depending on which moment of your life your are in. Sometimes you may feel that simply seating by the window and watching people pass by would help you reflect and reconsider what you have done on your day, what the next steps are and how you could plan those in a better way for you.

Or even not to think about anything at all.

How to clean your mind and recharge?

It took time until I realize that I need to clean my mind and relax, enable it to simply be and stop that bullet train of my brain from non-stop processing all the to do’s and commitments that were due. It’s funny how you react to things when you are in that “zone”, I personally felt like I was acting into problems, tasks or any issues that were presented in from of me.

By acting I mean simply reacting to it, as if it was the first reaction to that particular subject that needed to be addressed. And I still recall that I was always trying to sort things out as quick as possible because in my mind I thought that the quickest I sort that thing the quickest it would get out of my ‘mental to-do list” .

Newsflash: chances are very low that you will ever get into a blank mental to do list! So, the million dollar question here is how can you actually feel that you are letting your mind breathe in a way that is giving it a rest and recharging itself without losing track of what is needed/due etc?

Well, everyone has their own system of how they would need to keep that tracking going. What is important to notice is that you need to take that out of your mind! If that means writing it down, sending an email to yourself or creating a digital list: so be it. The goal here is to transfer that concern from your mind to safe place that won’t be forgotten so that you feel confident to transfer it. But would still allow you to have you meditation time to breathe.

Quick checklist for you to get it started:

  • Update your list of to do’s before you go to your relaxation sanctuary;
  • Find a place/environment that allows you observe & reflect;
  • Getting there, try to be as relaxed as possible… if that means seated or laid down;
  • Try to concentrate on the details of that environment… the colours, the sounds…
  • work on your breathing in a very relaxed way, as if you were sleeping.

I would start having those moments quickly 10-20 minutes once a week and then trying to increase them as you go. Adapting on your own pace and preference, there is no right or wrong is all about your time to simply be and relax. Enabling your mind to not think about anything in particular.

Please let me how you find your mind energy source too.
Add on the comments bellow.

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