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Is there a Magical Healthy alternative to Mayonnaise?

Is there a Magical Healthy alternative to Mayonnaise?

Be honest, What’s your opinion on Mayonnaise? Would you say that mayo is fatty? Would you keep it within your healthy nutritional diet? Is there a Magical Healthy alternative to Mayonnaise?

I am the type of people that likes food with sauce, whether if that is creamy of juicy I wouldn’t judge as long as I would have one of them.

If you are with me into this sauce passion, seat tidy there are healthy options that would still allow us to enjoy our meals with our creamy and saucy addition.

Meet my personal alternatives for mayonnaise:

#Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
I would invite you to try Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt as an alternative, I have done with salad dressing mixing with olive oil, parmesan and lemon, the result was a delicious healthy cease sauce that I love to have with my salads.

Another alternative for having the creaminess along with the healthy eating lifestyle is to add something to spread with your ‘not so yummy’ new food. My other suggestion would be hummus. Basically pureed chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, garlic and lemon juice, not that hard to make and still great in flavour.

#Low-Fat Cottage Cheese
I am not a huge fan of cottage flavour, but if you are still eating bread it might be a good alternative for that creamy texture, or if you are cooking a sauce for any recipe instead of butter or olive oil you may add Low-Fat Cottage Cheese.

A lot of people see avocado as the one of the superfoods sorts of thing as you have all that ‘good fat’ etc, sorry not to be more excited about this, I am not a fan of avocado. I’ve tried many times to eat it, in several different ways and recipes and simply doesn’t work for me. Which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it? I am still very aware of its benefits, but I chose to eat other alternatives to Mayonnaise or creamy craving.

healthy eating#Ricotta Cheese
This might be the Italian in me, but ricotta is divine. I can eat it with everything, is similar to cottage cheese in calorie wise and make a great adding to any sauce or cracker.

I like to hace rice cracker with ricotta, or add ricotta into any of my soups recipes to add creaminess into it.

Or even for breakfast add ricotta into scramble egss and mushroom, as I personally find it too dry and would love a little creaminess to it.

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