Is your life in a rigid routine?

lifeLet’s reflect for a moment in how all this routine begins. I suppose it all starts when we are babies and our moms decide to put us in routines so they can manage their lives better.

And then you get the same thing as toddler, as a child. Until you reach adolescence. (Let’s not talk about that. yay?)

So I must confess that I still have this “routine” aim in my life, I am one of THOSE people. Some of my friends consider me as an “old lady”, just due to the fact that I try to stick to my routine as much as I can.

I just think it’s easier. Am I a freak?

Just in case you wonder, nope. this lady isn’t me.

Even now that I am (trying) working out it helps, you just have to follow what you have planned.

The hard part is that I still have that theory that I am loosing memory power (will get into that in another post) and every time that I try to do something different from the plan, BOOM. I get lost. It’s so RIDICULOUS.

When that happens I feel like a 4-year-old stabbing my head into the wall, over and over again.
I mean, how hard is to stop at the grocery store on your way to somewhere else?
Apparently, too hard for my brain.

Well, wish me luck today I am starting this new job of mine that has this insane timetable, 3 different schedules. I don’t even know what time I should have lunch now, will my stomach get lost? 

This will fun to watch, stay tuned and let’s hope I can make it!

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