How to improve self-discipline

The million dollar question:
How to improve self-discipline?

Now that we have established that different people have each a unique inner discipline after realizing what is preventing your workout routine when it comes to exercise. Those that aren’t so fortunate and struggle with fitness discipline and have tried all there is in the books, let me reassure you: You’re not alone!

I am one of those people that have massive struggles keeping the training routine, either at the gym or the cardio workout. For me all possible elements in my life, in the planet and in my mind affect my discipline.

Luckily I have at home a living example of the opposite. My husband is the discipline itself. After failing in all my self-guidance to keep my discipline I’ve decided to do some research and put specific techniques in place. Allow me to share that with you:

1. Hide your temptations:

healthy eatingWhile training is an important part of my fitness preparation, nutrition and diet is also in the routine. And funny enough once either of the routines is affected the other collapses as well.

Meaning: if I can’t have my exercise for that day, I may as well not commit to the diet plan.

That is the most common mistake. Then you not only fail the fitness activity you add it the diet failure to that.

But if you hide (or not even buy) food items that aren’t on your routine, you won’t have that visual appeal and might have a better chance of keeping you mind at the right mind space.

2. Don’t wait for the WILL to arrive.

healthy lifestyleThe key for a good discipline structure is to stick to the plan. Preparing the best possible workout routine for your fitness level is essential.

Get the help you might need or engage a good amount of time dedicated to a research of what would work best for your training plan. Once that plan is drafted, commit the time and days to do it. Get options A and B in case the weather doesn’t allow you to safely exercise and GO.

Don’t wait for nothing else a part from you; all you need is your gear and the time. Set your mind to get into that training regardless, commit to the fact that you will do it – no matter what.

Discipline is a mind game that you have to ensure you have done all the possible amends to prevent any last minute mind distraction, keep focused. Set your mindset and commit your heart and soul to it.

3. Allow your body to heal and breathe

healthy lifestyleIt’s difficult to understand that you will have to give yourself a break, I know. It seems like the more you push the better. But no, balance is extremely important.

Knowing that you will have time to rest, recover and nourish your body is essential to keep you going and to allow you to maintain the quality of the workout. You won’t have the expected result if you don’t let your body rest.

Don’t rush, take your time and ensure you have reserved enough time to recover between the sessions, nourishing your body and relaxing your mind for what is next. Discipline doesn’t have to be military rules; you will get to enjoy days off and relaxation as part of the discipline, accept that! All in time and according to the plan that you’ve set to yourself, that is what you need to embrace. It must follow the plan.

 4. Forgive yourself and move forward.

healthy lifestyleChanging your mindset is not an easy task, it take a few adjustments.

It will have it ups and downs the important here is to realize why you haven’t been able to cope at the time and review it.

Maybe you can work around that or it might be the case that you just need more time to adjust, simply as that.

The longer you’re off your game, the harder it is to keep going in a positive direction.

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