How can I travel the world ?

Travel the world, that is.

For years that had been my million dollar question: How could I go travel to see the world?

Is not just a simple matter of “how” in the exact purpose of the steps to do it. Coz that would be easy to answer.

My point here is how the people that actually do it, DO IT? I mean, unless you are a billionaire son/daugther how can you afford it?

The most common way would be the backpacker: basically meaning that you would have a backpaper and travel around the world with it. Staying on cheap accommodation and working for pocket money to sustain your trip.

It does sound like an adventure and there several sites suggesting you on how to do it: here is a list of a few of the adventurous people in this journey. But this style isn’t for me.

Not sure if it’s age related but I just can’t see myself struggling with cash in a trip and having to choose food based on how much change I have, or having to negotiate with the backpacker hostel to sleep in the “lounge” because I would like to save cash ?

When I was younger I did live in Argentina for a few months, couple of the them in a backpacker. It was fun to see the changes of that place, the different people coming and going with their stories and accents. It’s a nice atmosphere and great place to meet people from all over the world.

But that is when you are in a moment in your life that you just don’t worry about how clean you accommodation is, if the linen haven’t been washed of if the shower don’t the hall isn’t cleaned at-all. I mean, it all feels like a adventure and sounds very exciting.
That bed linen that is so dirty that you don’t even know what color that should be, or the bed mattress that has a deformed shape, as if a 100k person just left if and it never came back to it real format.
Not to mention the delicious and nutritious breakfast! Yumy. Yesterday’s bread and something to spread on it.

Nope. I just can’t handle those things anymore, I am officially an old lady that would like to stay in nice accommodations, eat healthy and go the tourist attractions comfortably. 

Now my million dollar question is: is there a way for me to do that ? I am an alternative to try to squeeze a trip in every holiday?

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