WonderlandGuru is a blog about the lifestyle change that many of us go through from a sedentary person to a healthy and active. Discovering the new lifestyle options that you may have which could include a new diet with different nutritional habits and sports: from running, yoga, swimming to cycling. The key is to find balance between your lifestyle, a healthy diet (with nutritional food) and sports practice.

Particularly for me triathlon has my active life more interesting, running was good but the run itself didn’t provide me the mental challenge I needed. Adding swimming and cycling made the difference for me. It was then that I’ve realized that I needed to change my diet, not only to be healthy and include all the nutrition that I need, it would also have to be compatible with my body needs considering all the sport activity I was doing.

All this lifestyle change gave me a new sense of life allowing me to have a different perspective with healthy food, healthy eating and re-educating my mind and body to adapt into what I really need, oppose to eat for comfort or stress relief. Diet re-education is a long process that would have to consider what is good for you, what would be useful for your lifestyle with a view of how many calories you burn, how does your body processes all that etc.

It is a long and ongoing process to re-educate your mind into a healthy diet, I am still learning how do adapt consistently. As the challenge of having enough energy from carbohydrates and still trying to achieve the ideal body is quite unique. Especially for a ‘old’ eating-for-comfort person.

The benefits from exercise practice as endless, mentally stress reliefs that can make your body breathe after a long day at work. At the other hand practicing exercise frequently will get you to actually feel less stressed.

For me triathlon is a great recipe, running gives me the explosion that I need to empty my mind and burn any possible issue with sweat. Swimming is a relaxing activity that gives my muscles a gentle massage and makes me feel serene. Cycling is the icing on the cake, I just love the wind blowing and the adrenaline during the races.

Not to mention that the bike world is fantastic full of gears and new accessories allowing you to go mental and upgrade for new technology every now and then.

WonderlandGuru is a blog that shares a story of a sedentary, stressed workaholic that decided it was time to change the lifestyle and diet for a better life. What I call a more hippie life approach. As if there was a wonderland where you could do whatever you want and get your objectives as easy as they sound – like magic. Guess what? There is a path for this dream life, all you have to do is to change your lifestyle, add some exercise activity it could be what you feel better with, running, swimming, cycling, yoga or any other that you feel comfortable. The trick is to find what makes you feel at ease.

Your body is your temple, take good care of it. Is never too late to change your lifestyle and listen to your body.