healthy snacks

5 healthy snacks ideas

5 healthy snacks ideas

During my fitness journey into a healthy lifestyle, I had difficulty finding healthy snack ideas for my daily intake. I normally eat 6 times a day, 3 meals and 3 snacks between them. I have to have that volume of intake otherwise, I feel that I would starve.

The most important aspect of your healthy eating habit is to analyze what is that you are eating, pay attention if those snacks, meals full of carbs that may not have the nutrients and protein that you body need. Including healthy snacks into your life is essential to ensure that you will be able to eat all the vitamins that you need for the day without compromising your diet with excess of carbs and fat that you don’t need.

Once you start noticing and realizing that what you love to eat and what you have been eating for a while now is not the best option for you, you might feel lost and be asking yourself what could you eat as a healthy snack?

My healthy snack suggestion is based on my dietitian’s suggestions that worked for me, she did have a few others that simply didn’t work.

healthy snacks#1 Carrot & Hummus

It’s easier than you imagine to prepare this healthy snack recipe: buy a few carrots and a nice healthy hummus (if you don’t know how to make one yourself). Then you will have to peel the carrots and cut them into skinny sticks. You can get small containers and take it yo work, I do and find it very practical. depending on how much time you have, an alternative is to buy baby carrots, then there is nothing to peel or cut, it’s ready to go.

I personally love the roasted garlic hummus and it will add that extra dose of vitamin C from the garlic into your snack.


#2 Fruits

Probably this is kind of obvious but there are many people that when they start to think about healthy snacks they have some sort of mental block and skip the fruits. I must confess that I am not the best person to judge you on that, but the important message here is that all you need is to have at least 3 fruits a day. If you are not a fruit lover there are some tricks to get you started on it. I would say that buying the fruits it’s the first start!

#3 Cereal Protein Bar

This is another handy alternative for your healthy snack during a busy day, you can buy this online at specialized stores or have a go at your local grocery store. You will have to pay attention to the ingredients, stay away from the chocolate options (be strong!) and look for cereal protein bars that have up to 40g of carbs, no more than that otherwise you will be eating too much carbs and sugar, which isn’t the goal here.

healthy snacks#4 Tapioca Wrap

South America influenced flour that might be tricky to find, but you can buy the flour online at Wholefoods, Coles or the crepe ready at Brazilian Food .

This amazing natural ingredient will be a great crepe or wrap base providing a good carbohydrate and you will be able to fill with your favorite protein, so maybe scramble eggs filling ?


#5 Seeds

Have you ever heard about ‘god fat’? Yeah, there are certain types of food that have good fat that it’s important for your daily intake and will help you to have a healthy and balanced diet. Seeds are one of my favorite options for a healthy snack, I know there are a few other options of healthy food that would provide this good fat as a healthy snack but I personally like to go with seeds. It’s handy, practical and tastes good.

Easy to prepare a snack, simply package them as you’d prefer and you could even carry on your bag for any ’emergency’ during the day. It’s amazing  how they actually fill you up, it’s a filling sensation after you have a little bit. My personal suggestion would be pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

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  1. Rachel

    Love these ideas! I think people sometimes overthink how easy it is to pack healthy, filling snacks! This post itself reminded me of how easy hummus and carrots are! Thank you!

  2. Shari from GoodFoodWeek

    You had me at homes – a great snacking stable at our house. I am also going to keep my eyes open for Tapioca Wraps – they sound like they would be a hit with the boys too.

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