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How to cook chicken parmigiana

Stop wondering how to cook chicken parmigiana

parmigiana recipeWho doesn’t love Chicken Parmigiana? Great yummy Italian recipe that brings the family closer and just gets that feeling of happiness going around the table.

I had chicken parmigiana in so many different places in my life that I couldn’t tell the different among them, for me that all came from this unique recipe that felt like too complicated to bother until now. Look, I am not trying to be a cooking-chef instructor kinda person, but if could do it and it did taste damn good I suppose is now official that anyone can.

So I decided to cook it in a Sunday morning on my way the grocery store, without any plan of action what so ever I just knew that I needed chicken breast, tomato sauce and some sort of flour. ( I had a few other packages of several types of flour at home from past unsuccessful baking experiences).


How to get it started on Chicken Parmigiana

Well. I started following my mentor in life when it comes to cooking: Jamie Oliver. So I searched at Mr. Oliver’s site… only to find a video of him and a step-by-step recipe by a member.

I ignored the member’s one and moved to Jamie’s video. As an anxious person that I am, I always start the recipe along with the video (can’t tell how many times, in the end, I thought to myself “maybe I should watch the video fully first and then plan the cooking… – never happened.)

I started it following this video:

So far so good, until this ham come along and the frying pan. WTF Jamie?! I was determined to try to have my delicious chicken parmigiana made in the oven I was refusing to fry it. As up until then I strongly believed I could do it.

So well, I moved to this guy over here… after all from an Italian to another! Grazie caro Ralphie! I guess I was missing the egg aspect of things, as I noticed that Jamie wasn’t using eggs? And since this was my first time I knew that at some stage there were going to be eggs and flour involved because I remember vaguely from my childhood.

Ralphie rescued me on this one.

OK, so far so good. Now I finally understood where the egg bit was going. So far I had Jamie’s spices at the chicken with Ralphie’s eggs all laid down waiting for my decision on how I was going to prepare them.

I tried to look for Chicken Parmigiana prepared in the oven, not frying parmigiana … but hey, I was hungry and tired of preparing all this (again, not the best level of patience kinda person). Then I decided to come to square 1. Back to Jamie Oliver site (L.O.L.)

There I was frying my chickens until they get gold and then getting it all into the oven as Mr. hoppershaun was clarifying at this recipe suggestion.

In the end, the chicken was fantastic, great first experience. The rice burnt.

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