giro d'italia 2015

Giro D’Italia 2015

What happened at Giro D’Italia 2015

I confess that this is my first year watching il Giro, but let’s be honest here I wasn’t a sport enthusiast until I actually start changing my life from a workaholic to a chill/sporty/fit/healthy kind of person.
Il Giro D’Italia is part of one of the most important professional cycling circuits, the cyclist have to ride an average of 200k per day almost every day for a month, going around Italian cities.
It’s really nice to watch, you know? the cities that they pass by are amazing. Not to mention the effort that they put through to ride those distances almost every day (they have 2-3 resting days within this month).
As a good Italian, I already chose an Italian rider to support and his team, he is doing an ok job so far. could be better. Fabio Aru, a 24-year-old cyclist.
At the moment Alberto Contador, a Spanish cyclist is killing it, he is showing the world how to fit a professional cyclist can be. It’s an exhibition to watch him ride.
I am definitely sticking to the TV this weekend during the Giro D’Italia final, it has it all to be a great sport final with an amazing show from these terrific athletes. The official site has more details
Let’s stand up for Aru and his teammates!

When to watch Giro D’Italia:

giro d'italia 2015If you have one of those long indoor training on your schedule and you need to keep yourself entertained for the duration of your training I definitely recommend watching while you ride, there is nothing that could motivate you more to ride than a bunch of guys cycling for hours and hours.

This race was my very first cycling race. Funny to see how these big cycling competitions really work and how they evolve, at first, I didn’t think that the riders would actually ride such long distances, but they do. And let me tell you this, they make it look easy.

I will never forget hot Alberto Contador managed to ride standing on his bike for such long periods of time, like 20-30 minutes riding standing up. OMG. I was amazing to see how strong he is. Even more impressive to see how these riders manage to eat and keep themselves feed during those long race days. I can’t have the balance to be able to maintain the course and open a pack of chocolate or a can of coca-cola!

I really enjoyed watching this Giro, I’ve learnt so much about cycling and I event bought a shirt!!

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