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Getting into exercising

How get exercise in your life?

Once you discover the benefits of exercising your life will start changing, it’s funny how you initially discover small nuances of what that unique new perspective will open in your life and lifestyle. I’ve started exercising because I thought that running was ‘the thing’that everyone was up for.  (And to be honest, was free just to put your trainers and get ongoing, right?). Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been in the lazy people team.

If there was an option to drive a block instead walk it, that would be my choice and to complement I have always been a junk food/desert person. So yeah, no one, even myself saw that coming!

How I’ve start on running.

Well, it took me several trials and tentatives until I finally realize that running isn’t that easy after all, but I can’t stress enough the symptoms that I got after the workout. It basically takes you from hell to heaven.
start runningSo there you are, struggling to put one foot in front of the other thinking about how the hell you can breathe with that stuck sensation in your throat and you can’t just understand how you start sweating like a pig out of the sudden. Pretty much that’s how you will feel on your first jog, because in case you think you’ll just start running like a maniac let me just ensure you: not you won’t.

You will have to start from jogging, which it will look like a slow-motion run. When I started I clearly remember a 3-year-old toddler running pass me on his tiny scooter. (And believe, I just couldn’t catch him!)

I had a help from a personal trainer friend who prepared a 3-day running schedule for me where I had to alter jogging and fast walking for 25-30 minutes. I would walk for 2 minutes and jog for 1, alternating that for 25-30 minutes. By the end of it I was smashed, during the running session all I could think of was ‘why I am doing this?’or  ‘I could be at home sitting on the sofa and watching T.V.’ … believe my mind had some spectacular lines for me and in a few instances, it actually convinced me to stop the workout and get back home.

Get in control of your training strategy: you own your body!

beginner runnerConsidering all the laziness kept inside this tiny body all I can say is that it will be hard to convince a lifetime sedentary person to get ready and go for a jogging session.

I know that because I struggle with that for many, MANY times.

Hence, I have developed an entire #strategy around it.




My strategy (from a lazy lady perspective) would have to involve:

  • Easy and nearby training location

Considering how lazy I was (am) traveling into another location just for a running session wasn’t on my to-do list and it sounded like something that wouldn’t last long. It had to be easy. So I decided to go for a run 2 blocks down my house at a nearby river that had a running/cycle path. It took me only 5 minutes to get there, which I was considering at my warm-up time. As closer my training location as possible would increase the chances of me actually going for it.

  • Pick the best working out time for you. (not a morning person here…)

I have to say changing my life routine of 20-something years as a sedentary person to suddenly morning fitness chick wasn’t going to happen (at least that what I thought). So no morning runs for me, I was determined to go for my running joggings at the end of the day or early in the evening. (loved the night runs during summer!)

  • Make it fun and motivational

There are people that once they decide to do something new in their life, they go straight away into purchasing the top-of-the-line accessories/gear for all that surround their new investment. If that is your case, I’d say: go for it! I am more into the rewarding kinda of people. I like to buy a little something so that I can start the ‘new thing’ with a little comfort and then as I increase my dedication to it, I’ll get more stuff.

I am more into the ‘rewarding style’ kinda of people. I like to buy a little something so that I can start my ‘new thing’ with a little comfort and then as I increase my dedication to it, I’ll get more stuff.  In this case I’ve bought running clothes pretty early days and a watch that had a chronometer. Those were my first inspirational kit. (considering that I ran with the trainer that I already had and carried my ‘iPod’ inside my clothes for music.)

  • Get your accessories ready

By now you probably have a set of a few things to join you during your jogging: watch, mp3 player , headset, and trainers. The key here is to always prepare your kit previously avoiding a return home before your running, prepare a bag or a backpack with your running clothes and your kit. You will get use to always have an extra bag or backpack with you complaining you at work.

  • Eating before an end-of-day run

Don’t underestimate running on a full stomach, it’s terrible you just feel like there is a balloon with a gas inside of you and it get worse as you keep on trying to run. My advice would be to eat a little lighter than the other days, try to avoid massive meals during your lunch.

Lunch: Have a little bit of protein and carbs. (meat/fish/chicken grilled and potato/rice/salad as a side). If you are still hungry during the afternoon, maybe a handfull of nuts or a banana. And that’s it. An hour before you go for your run, no more eating, just keep on drinking water. If you feel like trying new things I would suggest you trying those energy gels 15 minutes before you start your jogging.


Try jogging or running at least 3 times a week, it will be hard on the begining running requires time and discipline t keep on going, but once you feel the glow after a good run you will understand what and why people do this. It’s a unique sensation, sometimes you just feel like your body has exhaled all the bad vibed out just running.

Try on the intercalated jogging and you will ultimately progress into a more cohesive run where you will be able to run without stopping.

#Welcome to the other side 😉

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