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Easily addicting you into a fit lifestyle.

Easily addicting you into a fit lifestyle

Have you ever consider that you may easily addict into a fit lifestyle? I personally never thought that one day I would be at a stage in my life that I would be addicted to workout.

I have never been that fit person in my life, to be honest, I was that “always starting to work-out” kinda of person. I used to start going to the gym, start any group class etc, or start running, or start rock climbing or start any activity at all. The thing was that I would start and not continue, which means that I really wanted to have a fit lifestyle, I just couldn’t commit to it and keep the progress.

How I made it through and kept going

It’s been a year since I have started this new fit lifestyle and I’ve been coming and going for several reasons let me make that clear. I wasn’t one of those people that committed to it and then BANG. Never quit or failed.
I guess now I am doing good, really sticking to it and having a basic routine at a place, the bad side of it that we are in winter here and I can’t keep the running as I would too. (yeah, I am the kind of person that have difficulties with outside temperature exercising with an extreme weather is yet too much, either too cold or too hot for me it’s an issue at this stage.
I’m in a very good shape with my gym training at the moment, I can’t say how proud of my discipline I am at the moment! By that, I mean that I going all the days and training correctly. Yay me!
Not to mentioned that I am trying not to cheat on my diet.
God, that’s so hard. Honestly, it’s easier to be committed to the workout than to the diet.
Let’s keep it going, the main goal here is to get fit enough to be able to go for a triathlon training, yoga, and gym. Once all that it get in place I guess I will finally be at that place that I feel that I have finally achieved something that I am proud of.
My body inspiration is Miss Cuoco.
This is Cuoco and her gorgeous abs. And for me, that’s my goal.
It works to always have this picture close enough so I can see it and keep the good work. Doesn’t take much for you to lose your focus and attack any food at home.
I do think that you should always have an emergency chocolate at home because if you don’t it can get worse. Depending on the anxiety level you are on you may even get out and have ‘something worse’ than just a bit of chocolate should be fine.
Overall what keeps me in line is my the results, once you see them coming you just get into it deeper and deeper.
My suggestion for you if you have a hard time getting into a fit routine and can’t keep it going is: never give up.

If you have stopped, just go back and try it again. Don’t judge yourself and don’t blame yourself. As long as you keep trying you will eventually evolve.

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