training schedule

Follow the schedule

Follow the schedule

Discipline is the key for every good training schedule, sounds easy but all you have to do is follow the schedule. I wonder how can we improve out discipline?

For me personally, I have never had any experience in my life that thought me from a child or even young adult how to be disciplined. To be completely honest with you I had very strict parents that didn’t allow much but I’ve learnt how to talk my way since a very young age. Combining stubborn and communicative personality was not the best skills to have if you were planning to gain discipline.

Still , I have always had a very structured and organized routine, I do have a few exception here and there but most of the time I stick to the routine. Or I like to convince myself that I do. I feel bad if I don’t stick to the plan but I also have to consider that I am not a professional athlete, I have a job that demands time and I need to respect my body.

If you ask my coach I am sure she would have a different version, lol.

Get your training into your schedule

Once you committed to your workout or training you will need to see how to adapt those suggested exercises to your life, don’t be scared to ask your coach to swap the days to better suit you. I have my weekly schedule but I always swap some disciplines due to any unexpected issue, don’t feel that you have to follow it by the book. As long as you can do all the workouts that are planned according to the schedule and can get the result planned I would say swapping it shouldn’t be a problem.

triathlon preparationMy personal tip for you to ensure that you will stick to the plan is to work ahead of your schedule, try to plan your next day at the night before. If you have multiple workouts I like to have one backpack for each, and that might mean that you would have to have 2 of the same item: i.e. deodorant.

Here is a list of what I have on each of my bags:

For Running: I normally take my headset, iPhone case, towel, water, energy gel, sneakers (trainer shoes), heart monitor sensor, sunscreen, Garmin watch, headband, and glasses.

For Swimming: swimming training inside an iPhone wet-proof case, towel, shower-kit, flip-flops, extra set of clothes – including underwear, swimming cream, hair conditioner, cap, goggles , sunscreen for swimming, swimming wear, water, energy gel and all the gear for training.

For Riding: cycling shoes, socks, sunscreen, helmet, headband, glasses, energy gel, Garmin, Hear monitor sensor, 2 bottles of water and towel.

If you have all of these prepared on the night before or even if you keep these organize in an isolated area of the house you will be able to just grab it in the morning and go for your training. If find it very handy to keep it all ready to go at all times. Once I arrive from a training I update the bag content and leave it ready for the next session, this way I can keep my schedule on going.

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