Flu Vaccine, is it worth it?

Every winter is the same old story we will most likely get a flu and wish we were dead.
At least, I do in some cases.

fluvaccineSince I moved to Western Australia I have been exposed to a new flu virus (self-declare theory). This Australian flu seems to be stronger, stubborn and angry.  It’s different from the other flu’s that I had. It last longer and has it’s  own cycle that doesn’t matter how much drugs you take, it will go for as long as it has to.

Down in South America, I remember I had flu for 3 days or a week maybe, sometimes just a light one. Nothing that would prevent me from working or anything.

But the Aussie version it’s a role new story. Last winter I remember myself in bed …

Basically, you just wish you could die.
So this winter I will try to make a different story. If we consider that we are still in autumn here in Western Australia and I had been sick TWICE already I guess you can all imagine what would wait for me this winter, right?

I am getting the Flu Vaccine! And I am feeling like a super-woman. (yeah, I am.)
All I will have to do is to keep an eye on the usual care and I should be fine. Right Sheldon?

Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.

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