Becoming a fitness-freak

Becoming a fitness-freak

It’s fun to watch the journey from a regular sedentary person to a fitness-freak. Me personally I would say I have moments that I am ‘in the fitness zone’ where I am at the top of my focus and very concentrated on what I am doing regularly, what I am eating and keeping all under control. And let me say that when I am in those moments, Gosh… I am simply crazy about it. I could easily talk about it non-stop, watch work-out videos and live in my bubble. 

That said I now understand more about those people that I see at the gym with those built up bodies, perfect shapes no fat. Just like a greek sculpture. They live in that bubble, all the time. I admire those people, really. I do.

But unfortunately, I am just not that kind of person. I like to have my moments of freak and score the highest level of my discipline and commitment. And on the other hand, I love food, I love eating different types of food, discovering new restaurants and enjoying a good dessert.

So, what’s is the secret on this fitness freak and food lover battle? Balance.

Finding your

Having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying fitness with a regular exercise routine doesn’t mean that you can’t eat this or that ever again. If that is something that is important for you, all you need to do if find your balance between your fitness routine and your nutritional daily intake.

I personally like to see a nutritional plan from a week’s perspective, which means that you will have one night out where you know that you will have those delicious high fat/carbs meals, then you will have to condition your week’s fitness routine to increase, adding more cardio exercise and reducing carbs on the days that you won’t be having that delicious meal.

It’s all about math, if you will eat more calories (fat & carbs) then you would normally do. You will have to reduce your daily carbs intake and increase exercise.

Finding motivation in your results

Another cool inspirational fact while you are transitioning into a more fit person, adding all that fitness element into your life and finally merging in a new lifestyle is your first results.

Be mindful of those results, usually, if you are really overweight you tend to lose weight easier than people that would only have a belly to burn.

Enjoying and celebrating those initial wins are important, but more important than that is to keep your good work and try to reach back to the ‘fitness freak’ zone, as it’s easy to simply go back to old habits once you notice the first results. ‘After all, I lost weight, I can eat more …’

Very common mistake and I’m one of those people that get amazed with the weight and centimeters lost and gets straight into temptation. Keeping your mind and your focus is the key, celebrate your wins but don’t oversee your main goal.

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