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Easy ways on how to keep your workout routine

Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your workout routine

Once you decide that you will start to workout, you will notice that in the beginning it all may be new and exciting, which is the most common to happen. And in that initial phase of your workout you will learn the exercise routine, get yourself familiarized with the equipment, gym or the park that you will be training at.

Some of the ladies even have that excitiment with the workout lifestyle on the first few days and even go ‘workout clothes shopping’, after all they have to look good on their fitness outfit to sweat!

I really think all that change and that enchantment is extremely important mentally for everyone to built that emotional relation with the workout and exercise practice.

It’s important to keep in minda that there are different ways of living and liking to do frequent exercise, I personally don’t think people love training from day one, there might be a few exceptions, but for me I see it from 2 perspectvies:

workout routine1. People that discover that they love to workout.

You know when you start doing it, at the start you are not sure if that is for you or not. You start researching and reading about it, finding out a few tweaks and techniques that others are trying. You get involved on trialing and knowing more and more about the workout your are doing, diving into an entire new atmosphere and starting to realize that there is a whole universe of it that you didn’t know about. And it all excites you.

You start planning and discussing the workout plan and it results, aiming for specific and studying how to achieve what is best for you, using exercise for your benefit. Discipline will come from the training schedule, as you are committed to the agenda, you are not affected by weather or sickness; you go training because you have planned for. Doesn’t matter if you are tired, it’s hills day, hence you do hills.

If you see yourself as the description above, congratulations you have the mental strength and self-discipline required to have a fantastic workout and great results.

 workout routine2. You love what workout does to your body. 

You really enjoy the atmosphere of training, and the shopping involved, even the adrenaline that working out & training.

But the elements of life get on your discipline and may impact your training routine.

After all how could you run when it’s raining? Or ride if it’s freezing or go to the gym if you are stressed?

I get it.

Training with discipline doesn’t come easy. Believe me I suffer from it. I have tried several different techniques and sometimes I even feel that my own body is sabotaging me. We have to stick together and find the technique that will work best for you! Keep in mind, self-discipline it’s a state of mind, your body can do amazing things as long as you have the mindset for it.

Wilhelm Hoffman published a study where he analyzed people that have more self-control than others and according to this study people with higher self-control are happier than those without.

Basically the study discovered that the self-disciplined people were capable of dealing with goals and conflicts better, they don’t allow their choices to be made from impulses or feelings.

The self-disciplined people make informed decisions, from a rational state of mind and live their daily life without feeling overly stressed or upset.

It’s all about the mind game.

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  1. Jacinta Keeble

    I get bored easily so I like to change it up one day I will do a good work out at the gym and the next day I will go for a walk in the sunshine and then swim laps.
    Now my baby is a little bit older I want to start incorporating some Yoga in my routine as well.
    I would also like to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding this Summer!!

  2. lee

    Nice read, I think I’m number 1. I feel good after a workout especially at the end of the day it relaxes me – keeps me motivated

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