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Discover How Yoga can change your life

How Yoga can change your life

It’s everywhere now and everyone is doing Yoga, right? Yoga is the new resolution for all your problems according to the most self-appointed specialists. And you know what? I agree to that. Believe me, I was very reluctant to it, personally because I’m a very anxious person, simply couldn’t imagine myself doing such a calm and relaxed practice – that was my ignorant vision of Yoga.

Why and How did I end it up at Yoga?

Well, to make it count I do have a bad back. Scoliosis, lordosis, and cyanosis. Combined. If you have no idea of what that, picture a spiral curved spine – that’s my back. So there are a few restrictions as far as exercises go but mainly I should have worked on a better posture etc, etc. Back to my main focus, I was a pretty busy, stressed executive at a very young age. 26 and booming with work, I was ready to work my ass off to make my career, I was so committed to my work that almost felt like a marriage.

You can keep that going, but sooner than later your body will send you a bill. And mine got to me early, I just couldn’t keep that rhythm.

So a few things that I’ve learned is that you need to settle a mindset and get that working from your mind to your body. In another word I needed to clear my mind – and I felt like I needed.

I saw myself looking for quite places, looking for tranquility and calm. And a number of people suggestion yoga annoyed me so much that I decided to proof them wrong. After all, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut for 1 minute, what would you expect for an entire yoga class?!

yoga healthy lifestyleI made a research on the most convenient place, google maps opened and yoga search was on. I wasn’t really willing to make too much effort, I wanted somewhere on my way, cheap and not tacky. (not asking too much, yeah?). Not to mentioned that if the yoga studio website sucks, they would be automatically declassified from my survey.

(Sorry, can’t do bad websites. I guess I have just worked too many years in this industry )

So I’ve enrolled at a beginners course and went for it. It took time, took a lot o effort into accepting that I was judging it from an outsider perspective , so I had to put my guards down and take it in.

After one year doing yoga weekly, I must say that it changed me, from inside out. I am not the same person that I used to me, I now know how to calm down, how to breathe better – which has helped heaps at my other workout activities.

Not to mention the physical benefit from it, you get so much stronger and flexible that is unreal.

As per my back I must say that every time I go to a yoga class it feels like I am allowing my back to breathe, after a class, it feels like the muscles have been stretched and are in a better place, ready for me to screw them up again.

Anxiety and Yoga

Yoga though me how to simply be. I couldn’t consider the hypothesis of meditation – still working on that. But if feels that the time that you spend on a class, getting your body to move. Stretching it, breathing and being at that calm and relaxing atmosphere … all of that got into me. Deeply.

I am not going to lie and say that I’m now as calm and relax as a monk. I guess I will never be, but it made me a more relaxed person. I don’t freak out about things anymore. We learn to listen, we learn how is to be in a calm state of mind. As in my case, I had to teach myself and my mind how does it feel to be relaxed and calm, that involves practice and a lot of concentration.

I would strongly invite you all to join a yoga class, try it. There is no hard on trying once and seeing for yourself if that practice will assist you in any way.

It’s very important for all the transitioning from a busy life to a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle that you get your mind to join you at the same pace that you will now be. Making that move and keeping it involved practice, yoga helped me getting that done and keeping it in the right rhythm.

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