healthy eating

Demystifying healthy eating

Demystifying healthy eating

It’s tricky to call the cards on Demystifying healthy eating, I know that I am certainly not  the absolute source of truth but my goal here is to share what worked and works for me when it comes to eating healthy and having a more conscious worry about what is involved in your next meal.

aI have never been a healthy eater nor a naturalist fan kind of person, I have always been a lazy ‘whatever is easiest’ style for anything that involves cooking & eating. On the top of that, I am one of those people that once hungry, gets extremely angry – which always made fast food convenient (and safer!).

healthy eatingDuring my 20’s that didn’t seem to be a problem in my life, not that I didn’t like the taste of the healthy food that was available to me, but it was just a matter of not being that conscious about eating healthy and benefits that would come with it.

Now that I’ve turned that page in life as I’ve incorporated a more laidback lifestyle, where  eating healthier and looking into food that really can provide me nutrition, energy and all the vitamins that I need I would like to share my own version for a healthy menu.

My healthy Menu has:

What is your most beloved unusual healthy meal?

I must confess that I still can’t understand what I was thinking to come out with such a unique dish. If you take a closer took into it, doesn’t make any sense – at all.

My excuse is: I was looking into a light dinner dish that would allow me to be satisfied and would still be enjoyable, without being boring.

My absolute healthy favorite dinner is a ricotta, mushroom, onions, and tuna wrap. I use an Indian wholemeal naan for the wrap. It’s so quick and easy that it doesn’t even feels like I am following a healthy diet regime, it feels like cheating.

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