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Choose your battles in life, a new lifestyle

Have you ever heard an old saying that says:

“Choose your battles in life”.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.25.43 pmFor years, that sentence didn’t make sense to me as I was aiming for a lifestyle that I thought I wanted to have based on facts and guidance of what was surrounding me. I thought that if I work hard enough and fight I would be a better professional/person. I thought that I had to fight to get my point taken, to get

Even if I didn’t know if those opinions that were planted on me and those choices in life, that lifestyle wasn’t feeling natural.

It was a safe lifestyle, after all that was what I ‘should do. Right?

I thought that I had to fight to get my point taken, to get opinion in place and make myself heard. I thought that I had to follow a path that was set for me by others, using my strong ‘personality’ to make my own way. Suddenly I wasn’t thinking I was just reacting to things that were happening in my life.

Funny that regardless the environment, friends, or the work colleagues that I had, that approach seemed to be the right path: be aggressive, loud and communicate that across.

After all why now? Right?

How many times in life you heard an advice of ‘You have to fight to get what you want’ or a huge Asian influence of never given up and not resting until the last drop of energy is taken of your body that battle is not lost.

All I have to say is, that’s not the way.

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Life is made of choices.

I still remember the first time I heard this and how I thought that the person that was saying it was full of shit. As for me that what it was: bullshit.

As the years passed, it made more and more sense to me.

The battles that you fight, the fights that you enter, all your opinions and how you react to what you are listening from some else is your choice to decide how to react to.

Learning how to listen to other and choosing to how that would best suit you, not necessarily communicating it, it’s your choice. Taking a step to reflect and react to things differently will make a huge impact in your life, it’s all your choice on how to react to that comment of a friend recommendation and simply agreeing with it for that moment. Then moving on with your own.

Choose a good or bad path it’s a decision that life may teach you how to do it. Funny fact that you might find yourself close enough to several options and react to them in your won way differently. Don’t worry too much about going with the flow or doing what is expected, it’s your choice.

Things don’t just happen, you choose to do it.

Reflect before you act.

For some, learning or reflect, think and plan may come with the years. For other it never will. If I am to give an advice in life about how you should have your life, how you should react and how you should roll I would say: take a step back. think. take a good view of all your choices and consider all the consequence of the different paths before you take the first step.

Finding that moment of reflection in life and considering all the options made all the difference for me, I consider myself now a better person. A person that think before talk and plan before act.


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