Chicken Hearts & Sweet Mashed Potato

Chicken Hearts &
Sweet Mashed Potato

Just want to say that chicken hearts & sweet mashed potato is one of my favorite meals, I have it at leat once a month. In saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people come out with a funny face for chicken hearts, I came across many friends that looked at me thinking that I was eating ‘dogs food’ – in many countries, chicken hearts are feed to the dogs – And for those, I shall say Lucky dogs!

In many cultures chicken is a daily part of their diet and I must say it is an essential font of protein. I bet the body builders know that better than anyone.

But don’t consider that chicken heart is the most exotic chicken dish you could come across, let’s review other bits and pieces that could get you thinking! Cooking chicken heart is way easier than you’ve imagined, wish this dish the question is all about what you will think of the meat texture.

Our International Chicken Love

healthy chicken mealIn Asia chicken is a the bigger picture in their diet, the entire chicken goes into their daily meal plans.

In Chinese culture, chicken forms part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix.

At a Chinese wedding, chicken’s feet (sometimes referred to as phoenix feet) are often served with dragon foods such as lobster.


Chicken is also popular at Chinese New Year, symbolizing a good marriage and the coming together of families (serving the bird whole emphasizes family unity).

I’ve tried chicken feet once, not the best part of the chicken in my opinion. But I would have it again if offered.


Chicken Heart:
What it’s in it that  is good for you?

According to the nutrition facts for Chicken Heart, you can consider that on average each 6g of chicken heart has 1g of protein, which 2% of those are iron! And a pretty low level of fat and sodium. Now assuming that chicken hearts are way cheaper than any other meat and are still a fantastic protein source, I couldn’t say any reason not to add this delicatessen into your healthy diet.

Every time I have someone approaches me and wonder why am I eating chicken heart instead of any other chicken meat my response is: great source of iron, cheap and low in fat/sodium. Can’t see why not!

Now that you know all the benefits of this great cheap healthy ingredient it’s time to learn how to prepare your healthy meal with it.

How to prepare chicken hearts?

First of all, I am not – by all means – a cook/chef.  Just an adventurous cook with a taste for health food 😉

This is my suggestion to you, please feel free to contribute with your own recipe, we can all share and add with other tweaks into our healthy meals, this way we can always improve and avoid getting ‘sick’ of eating always the same stuff.

My absolute favorite is chicken heart barbecue:

Simply add the chicken hearts into a stick with salt and grill on the barbecue until it gets crispy.

But on a daily routine is not always that you can get the barbecue ready etc, hence I prepare it in a pan.

Chicken Heart grilled with Herbs




  • Garlic (3 – 4 cloves)
  • half onion (chopped into tiny pieces)
  • 500g chicken heart
  • spring onions
  • parsley
  • thyme
  • salt/pepper



Heat a big deep fryer pan, once it’s hot add the chicken hearts. At this stage, you will notice that there will be water coming out of the chicken hearts. As soon as it’s starts drying add salt, garlic, and onions. Stir a little to get that juice mixing with the meat. You will fry for 15-20mins. At the stage that the water in the pan is almost gone add the herbs. You want to take the meat out when is completely brown.

You can have it with salad, or any carbs of your preference. I usually like to have it with sweet mash potato to balance out my carb ingestion and keep it under control.

Enjoy. 🙂

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