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Who is your Celebrity Inspiration?

Who is your celebrity inspiration?

It might be not that easy to find a celebrity that would inspire you to a personal level that you could actually see yourself in their shoes and maybe act like them on your subconscious. I have seen many celebrities working on their humanitarian tasks, but only a few of them really got into me on an emotional level.

celebrity inspirationHunter Doherty Adams, also known at Patch Adams is one of them. I came across his life story with the help of another extraordinary human bein Robin Willians, the actor has live to Mr. Adams at eh Hollywood movie. Is such a moving story, every time that I see that a common person decided to put needs of others before their own and give up their personal lives or, even more, to dedicate their life helping others, that for me is magical. It feels real, I feel the connection to those people is like I know that their gut feeling is stronger than their pride. Is honorable to have the luxury of being helped by people that decide to give up so much on a personal level to dedicate their time to others.

Patch Adams made me reflect on such much more than life and what I am doing for others as a person, I would strongly recommend for everyone to look into a story of those that decide that for them life is much more than a job or a career life is about helping other and receiving their love & gratitude back.

We all need to have someone to look up to, this is part of the process of self-searching and trying to discover the real connection with you and what you are really into.


Finding your celebrity inspiration

You don’t need to go to a library now or start watching all the movies & documents to find your or an example of a person that became a famous because the work that they have done for others, it will come to you. As you move along with your lifestyle, searching for more meaningful attitudes and paying attentions to a different set of details in people you will recognize elements that you initially wasn’t paying attention to. It’s impressive.

Patch Adams for me moved me in a deep sense, how can a person abdicate their life to save others. All that effort that he put into studying medicine had a deeper connection for him. He was looking for what meant for him to assist people with medicine, all people. Not only those that have access to it.

The movie script have a scene that the teacher on the university says “we are going to drain the humanity out of you and make you doctors” or “another one “patients don’t need a friend, they need a doctor”.

The sentiment inside Mr. Adams simply couldn’t let him agree with those sentences and that is probably on of the reasons that he founded the Gesundheit! Institute, envisioned as a free, full-scale hospital and health care eco-community. For me Mr Adams is a celebrity that inspires me every day to be a better person, sticking to what I believe and always keeping in mind the need of using what I know to help others.

What about you, Who is your celebrity inspiration?
Share your celebrity and the reasoning on the comments bellow!


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