benefits excercising

Truth about the benefits of Exercising

Truth about the benefits of Exercising

Still not sold and wondering what really are the true benefits of exercising? It certainly feels like a trend, almost as if exercising in any way was a common thing for all of us. It should be, but it isn’t. I blame modern life. Is getting more and more common the desire of having sport as a part of your life, for sure you can name people that you know that have changed their lives completely after getting into sport, workouts or group activities.
It’s funny as if you consider this is a global cultural change, in many countries in a battle with obesity and in others a war against bad food habits. But I feel that overall sport is going to present in our daily lives from now on.
According to the “Palo Alto Medical Foundation” the benefits of exercising or practicing sports can not only affect your physical health and improve your mental health, it can also assist with your social life. As per their article on sports, there are 7 benefits that you gain just for taking your body for a workout, among those friendship and leadership skills – pretty sure you wouldn’t image that you could get it from practicing sports, hay?

Is sport for me?

Well. This is a tricky one, I myself still wonder if sports are the thing for me. I haven’t practiced when I was younger or a teenager or young adult. I was always surrounding it but never involved. But truly desire all the benefits that surround the workout activity, not sure about you, but I still want a nice abdomen.
I am one of those lazy-couldn’t bother kinda of people with a love for sweets and sofa with TV playing reality shows. So, how can you picture a monster like me hanging with the sports dudes? Yep. not happening.
It had to be something that I wanted, some sort of internal need or call. Which – for me – would neve ever happen. I used to drive a block just to avoid walking, plan any trip that would involve walking considering all the shortcuts possible.
And live on junk food just to save the time/effort involved in cooking.
If you are expecting for my life changing a story, sorry not happening. I didn’t find any sickness or met the man of my dreams or anything like that. What made me realize that I needed to do something about it was really myself.
I tried different things in life to try to get an escape from reality and relief the daily stress from work/life/economy etc.
I tried candy, chocolate, cigarettes more sweets. Then I was just eating everything that I could find that would “confront” me and so on.
Apart from the fact that my stomach hated me for a period of my life I found that it just wasn’t working for me, it was still missing.

exercising My first “working out activity” 

I can’t stress enough the fact that I just used to laugh and condemned people that did this until I tried myself.
I have my first experience with Yoga not too long ago, it was extremely spontaneous, I was looking for something like pilates – but all the pilates studies were too expensive for me.
So there I was looking for a Yoga studio without a clue of what I was getting myself into, my criteria were location. So I based my choice at that time on what was closer to me.
Yoga really helped me, but still I felt that it wasn’t the thing.

Run Forrest, Run!

It’s funny how fast the running addiction progressed in different cultures, doesn’t matter where you go there is always people running. It took years for that image of people running actually start to kick in.
I decided to start trying to run. And I did. Several times. Over and over again.
It looks easy, right? Just put on your shoes and go for your life!
Nup. It doesn’t work like that. You actually have to hate it first and you will. It’s so hard, it hurts your legs, but, waist …feet! Just about half of your body will be angry at you and if you decide not to listen to professionals and skip stretching then you will be officially screwed.
Since I had yoga as my previous activity I used as my stretching sequence, it was perfect.
Well all I can say about running is that it takes time, doesn’t get any better and if you don’t practice every week at least 2 times a week you go back to stage 1.

You are wondering, what’s good about running?

It feels amazing once you finished your run, it’s like you whole body energy has changed and you have just boosted you joy charge, you feel light, relaxed and happy. Very close to what chocolate, alcohol or any other addictive substance, Maybe that is why there are so many people that say that “running is an addiction”.
So then I started to run, and it started to get into me.
It was great, having that beautiful sensation of mission accomplished and instant happiness.  I felt that I was changing, something inside of me was liking that.
But, as I progressed It started to get boring. I felt that my anxiety was still not under control, my stress was still kicking in and running was just no cutting it. So I decided to go extreme: Triathlon!
For me, it was a discovery of an amazing passion and unique sensation of doing an activity for the pleasure of it. I just didn’t need anyone to push me and motivate me to wake up early (which I hated), I didn’t and still don’t need. The discipline to keep the routine and training came as part of the pleasure.
I personally feel that the journey that took me into finding triathlon and making it the sport of my life was long, painfull and expensive, but it was worth it. Mainly because it was mine, I choose it.
Every person is different you don’t have to do triathlon to be happy and you don’t need to love yoga if you don’t have to.
Simply start to consider the benefits of getting exercise into your life, slowly you might find your own way, it’s all about looking into something that works for you.

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