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Choose the life you’d like to have and stick with what connects with you.

Hi!I’m Camilla, I’m this blog’s author, and an amateur triathele and currently working as a digital project manager.

My blog was created for people that are struggling on their busy stressfull lifes and just can’t see a way out. For people like me that have an extremelly stressfull job which affects their personal routine (and most of the cases their personal life too, if any) resulting in a lifestyle where you don’t have time to take care of yourself, your health and your wellbeing.

Your life is about the choices that brings you joy.

I’ve created this blog to help all mature professionals with a busy schedule to find a way to reconnect to their real goals and to assist them finding an alternative to still have a life that they always wished for: including a better life plan, with good healthy food (don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook, I didn’t and I made it to the other side!), introducing alternatives to discovered how you can connect your dreamed fit lifestyle with your life reality.

I’ve never thought I would be able to cook (still not sure if I could call myself a person that has that ability). Don’t worry if you burnt a thing of two in life. I have already glued pan into the stove, I’ve melted a plastic container (with food!) by leaving on the top of my eletric stove. (it was on!) and I discovered that there is nothing that ‘more butter’ can’t fix.

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