Triathlon Race

1st Sprint Triathlon Race

1º Sprint Triathlon Race

I’ve signed up for this race after my trainer decided that it was about time for me to go for another race. (Not that I’ve done many!) I was very excited to go for this when I was signing myself, but I have to confess there are times that I am just not that confident.

It’s supposed to be an easy race, ocean swim plus flat ride and run. 750m of an ocean swim, 20 on the bike and 5km run. Can I just say that there are days that I just question how fast I will be able to do all this?!

Hell, yeah. I am very competitive. Very much so. But when it comes to sports I was never THE best one in the group, I was kind of amongst the top 10. (counting total of 15).

Anyhow, the race is within a month and I am really preparing for it when I signed up a month ago! Yayy me. Sounds great for somebody that has a goal of getting into half IronWoman in 2017, right?

It’s tricky combine training, work, life and marriage. I’ll give you that. But hey, I am going to do it. I have to. It’s planned! Let’s start with this race and then the next one will have to be just after this, I must keep the discipline high because if I drop it, then it’s a nightmare to come back.

At this particular race that I’ll be doing, it’s a ‘woman only’ race  (which in my mind will narrow the exact people that I am actually competing against), then we will have to consider the age group. As they have the age group thing.

What I like the most is my level of confidence, it’s on a rollercoaster swing … picturing myself as a winner vs not sure how bad I will finish off. Having in mind that at my first triathlon I was the very last person to cross the line and the lady in front of me was at least 20 kilos heavier than me, I would say I’ve seen the worse, so no news there.

I have signed up for a swim session as a beginner, which I must confess at this stage I would still consider myself as a triathlon-wanna-be. Swimming in the ocean is way different than at the pool, the waves … the swing dunno it’s all harder. For me personally, this is where I struggle, not to mention the scary part of disturbing a shark. I will have to get my ass into the ocean and swim more and more (Not looking forward to that.).


I have all my stuff ready for tomorrow at the living room table. I am driving to the beach, my plan is to be there at 6ish. (Gosh, please have the water at reasonable temperature!)

Triathlon Bikini

* Triathlon Bikini Reference

I am swimming with a bikini that I pulled together: basically, it’s a big bottom pantie and a running top. Then I will have water on the car to wash my feet and get into my sneakers (still haven’t purchased my cycling shoes) and off we go.

I’ve just don’t think that swimming on a one piece bathing suit would the best option here considering that I won’t get changed before cycling or running. And I am not yet rich enough to invest on a professional triathlon suit. It might just have to be this one for now.

The reason why it’s not my picture up there is just because my lovely abdomen is not like that (yet!)

I am taking 3 energy gels with me. As far as food strategy goes my plan is to have a piece of cake before I leave my house, an energy gel just before getting into the water, another one straight after I get into the bike and the third when I start running.  I’ve noticed the difference in my training when I eat during the training, it’s way better. I wasn’t before as I wasn’t feeling hungry, but it was only when I’ve started to have them that I’ve noticed the improvement. It’s fuel!

hydratedKeep yourself hydrated.

I must confess, I don’t remember when I’ve drunk this must water in my life. Here I am having heaps of water the day before, in order to keep the body hydrated. I usually have 3L of water/day but today I am just trying to have more than usual as part of my preparation. Let’s see how that will play out.

Muscular Pre-Race Preparation

As a runner I had what is commonly known as shin splints, basically your shins decide to get grumpy at you and make your life hell. It’s a muscular condition, doesn’t always comes with inflammation, but I am just that lucky.

Mine it’s been up and down, recently it’s not that good. I am having a physiotherapist who is also a friend of mine to come and see me once a week. That and ice everyday should do the trick.

Let’s see how I go on my trial training tomorrow, where I will do the race distances at the race location. Wish me luck!


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