#10 tips on how to live a more relaxed lifestyle

Here are #10 tips on
how to live a more relaxed lifestyle

If you are in a stage of your life that you feel like you have worked so hard to get where you are now with your job, currently trying to manage your budget in a way that would still allow you to enjoy a few things here and there … combining your salary with your urge of seeking comfort and fulfilment after a long day at work sound like something you would normally see yourself doing?

relaxed lifestyleI have met many people that from a young age have dealt with stressful work, working long hours and feeling that your commitment to your work is above and beyond any law. Which is fair to a point that nowadays you have to put yourself out there, even more, to get by and almost drag your social life to a coma in order to achieve a better position at your workplace. Considering that the generation that is around their 30s now have always heard that the solution for all the matter was to study, word hard and dedicate yourself.

If you take that into a literal daily life routine you would have someone that works 10-12hours a day, monday to friday. Then checks emails on their mobile during the weekend. Maybe update their work for a couple of hours and prepare something for an urgent meeting or project f0r the following week. And essentially you have a mind that never stops wondering, that never disconnects.

#1 Disconnect your mind from work

I can’t rephrase enough how important is to unplug your thoughts from your work life and plug your life back on. We all need to have those quite mind moments where we reflect on what we have done, we plan for the future and more importantly, we reconnect to our inner self, connecting mind and body to one. There are many benefits from this relaxation, being able to relax would mean be able to empty your thoughts and feel your body.

A good exercise to empty your mind would be meditation. Or maybe starting a sport, you could start with Yoga. Which is a very relaxing practice that involved both meditation and body.

#2 Listen to your body

Your body holds all the effort that you pull through your busy life, whether that means to work seated for 10-12hours or eating only quick meals (takeaways/sandwiches) it does get to affect you eventually. That could be putting weight on, losing hair, bad skin etc. It’s different from people to people but eventually, your body will shout and it’s up to you to read the signs.

Pay attention to the pattern changes in your body, if you have any marks or signs on your skin maybe visiting the doctor for a check up among the initial questionnaire you might fins that you have more complaints that you realized.

#3 Improve your rest

If you think that you can go on and live your life sleeping just a few hours “because you got used to”, it will hunt you. We all need good quality sleeping time daily and that will increase over the years. As you start to feel that you are not able to recover as quick as you used to and you actually feel tired with activities that you wouldn’t have. Not to mention the long hours focused on your work, that is extremely trying too.

Try to set a sleeping routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Setting a ritual before your bed time is a great alternative , which could include to avoid any electronics devices, eating and intense activity.

#4 Embrace a hobby

Is so common to lose that love that we all have for a hobby from our early adulthood into a more mature lifestyle, we just get caught by a busy schedule and those elements that were once so present in our lives get forgotten at our parents house. You might once love skating and now that you’ve changed into this new person: an adult, you might not see that as The Hobby for you. Look, that is totally fine. The search for a new hobby is also a self-discovery, this new hobby will bring more balance to your life.

Having the time to dedicate yourself to a new passion will allow you to have a new sense of being and might put things into a new perspective.

#5 Get social

Your work colleagues don’t count as social life if that is all you have nowadays. Trying to build new relationships or even to maintain old ones is hard work. But valuable. Having friends to share your life with, share your plans, your realizations, your joy or simply to have fun is part of life. Most of us forget about that interaction and just connect to them online sending a message here and there.

Put your ass to work and move! Get them involved in your new hobby or invite the over for a meal, that social time will make a difference in your mood that you won’t regret it. Enjoy your friends, more.

#6 Find little doses of happiness

If you are one of those people that live your life planning for that wonderful future where everything will be perfect and smooth.  All you need to follow that 100 items list that you planned, then budget your salary for the next 20 years, work 20hours a day and boomm! You will THEN be happy.  Right?!

Nup. Wrong way. Oh well. We will never know as really the chances of you surviving into that plan and getting there will cost you way more that you think, on your stress levels. That’s for sure.

It took me years and years to understand and appreciate the value on the most simple things in life. Even more, time to realize that happiness comes from those moments. Being able to appreciate the sunset or the help from your partner to a task, to savor that delicious meal that you cooked yourself for your family. All those moments, those are the ones that count. Those are the ones that will make you feel alive, loved and happy.

Keep your eyes open for all those little doses of joy and you will see how happy you actually are.

#7 Appreciate what you have

So you work so hard since you got into your adult life, you work many hours and still have this terrible salary and you have that sensation that you have nothing. Take a step back, where have you started? Did you know how to do your job since day one? Have you got any better at it? You have always had that salary?

If you remind yourself from where you came from and what took you to get where you are now, you will see how much you actually improved. It might still be far from where you want to be but you can’t be blind to the fact that you are a work in progress and that now you have more knowledge.

Take a look around and see what you have done, what you have been able to do and compare that to when you saw those things as a far future. That is the progress that you’ve done. Appreciate that you have a good job and that you will get where you want to, that will take a bit of the weight from you.

#8 Learn to calibrate your problems

Things are not often as bad as they seem. Try to analyze them in a way you can see the priorities and list from the most important to the last, from that you start your resolution. If you feel that you can’t prioritize your issues, list them and discuss with a friend or someone that you trust. It’s important that you see your problems with the importance that they have and not bigger than they are.

You will always have bills, house chores, paperwork stuff to solve etc. That is part of adult life, you don’t need to be scared of panic with them, all you need to do is develop your organization method and follow it.

#9 Each matter on its own time

This is very connected to the previous tip, once you have your priorities set you can plan your tasks and resolve only the ones that need resolution. If you don’t have money for this or that, that’s it. You don’t need to suffer daily and remember yourself frequently that you can’t afford it.

You have already seen it, acknowledge the issue and planned the resolution. Put it in a mental drawer and move on with your life, those things can’t prevent you from enjoying life, from having a laugh and being happy.

#10 Live the present

There a number of people that like to live in the future, they kind of get by with what is happening in their lives “now” (even if that now sometimes means years). Because in their mind, they will eventually achieve all those things that they are planning to. Whether that is a promotions or holidays, if feels like you forgot to live your present: “So let’s eat once a day to save money for the holiday in one year time”.

Hey, no one is saying that planning is a bad thing. not at all. You might just need to balance how much of your present life you are compromising to achieve that dream goal. Try not to put yourself under unnecessary stress. Maybe if you save less per day you can still enjoy a good meal and travel to a nice place.

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  1. Family Globetrotters

    Great article! Do well with #1, #4 and #5 but terrible at #3. Finding time to sit and do nothing is so difficult but it is a goal this year to try and slow down.

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